Mistral 65W Air Cooler ( 2 years warranty ) MAC1801

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Description:- Honeycomb cooling media for optimum performance - 3 Fan Mode: Normal, Sleep and Natural Wind - 3 Speed: High, Medium and Low Left-Right Oscillating lou... More ↓

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Mistral 65W Air Cooler ( 2 years warranty ) MAC1801
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- Honeycomb cooling media for
optimum performance
- 3 Fan Mode: Normal, Sleep and Natural Wind
- 3 Speed: High, Medium and Low
Left-Right Oscillating louvers

- Up to 7.5 hour timer
Mounted with castors for easy mobility
6.5 litre water tank capacity
- Removable water tank for easy cleaning
- Net weight: 8.13 kg
- Product dimensions (mm) : 360(L) x 330(W) x 795(H)

Voltage: 220-240V~50Hz
Power: 65W

How does a Mistral Evaporative Air Cooler work?

Mistral Evaporative air cooling is the natural way of cooling, similar to breeze flowing across a lake. This breeze drops the temperature and has a relaxing cooling effect on people.
Mistral Evaporative Air Cooler cools the air by means of the evaporation of water. When water evaporates into the air, the result is a mixture of air and water molecules. This chemical change requires heat, thus energy or latent heat is taken from the air molecules - dropping the actual temperature of the air.

The recommended humidity maximum level is 60% or less, which allows a noticeable temperature decrease and causes people to feel more comfortable.The temperature decrease will be smaller in more humid area because the higher the humidity, the less evaporation can occur.

When used for cooling, the Air Cooler should not be used in enclosed spaces. It must be kept level and there must be minimum water in the tank. The room should have doors and windows opened to allow free air flow. Best scenario is for the Air Cooler to be placed near an open window from which fresh air flows through the Air Cooler, which circulates the air, which then leaves via the door.
As the air flows through the Air Cooler, the dust, pollen and other particles in the air are removed, providing you and your family with cooler, fresher and healthier air.

The Air Cooler can also be used as a humidifier. To be used as a humidifier, the windows and the doors should be cloesed. This will allow the humidified air to accumulate.

Air Cooler is not an air conditioner as it does not used compressor and Freon gas. You should not expect and Evaporative Cooler to work as effectively as refrigerated air conditioning. However, the advantages of the Evaporative Air Cooler over refrigerated air conditioning are:

- Low purchase cost
- Low electricity usage
- No installation costs
- Air Filtration
- Environment friendly (No Freon gas)
- Low maintenance
- Maximum portability

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Technical Lowdown

FeaturesHumidifier, Timer
Warranty (Years)2

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