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  • Berguna Sidetable

    Another space-saving winner, the Berguna Sidetable fits well in small, tight corners of your home. The single drawer and sturdy bottom shelf are excellent for storing and displaying those weathered, leather-bound books which would look out of place on more modern display cabinets.

    Ideally paired with the Lava or Artic vases to complete the charm of a rustic, old-world look.

    When you get any of our teak creations, you can rest in the knowledge that what you're bringing home isn't just any commonplace piece of furniture.

    The teak furniture on comes from Java, Indonesia ,where adept Javanese craftsmen skillfully fashion it out of timber from the surrounding lush plantations.

    Instead of conveniently utilising easy-rusting steel roller tracks in the drawers, the sole drawer in the Berguna Sidetable glides in and out on wooden dovetailed slots, and is held in place with a releasable wooden catch concealed cleverly within.

    Like our other teak creations, the Berguna Sidetable is firmly held together with traditional butt joints to retain the old school charm of the furniture. On top of that, the butt joints are further reinforced with epoxy resin and nailed in for extra security.

    - Solid Teak Wood
    - Natural Teak Wood Colour
    - Pure Brass Knobs
    - Reinforced Butt Joints
    - Wooden Dovetailed Drawer Tracks

    - Free Installation

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    *Comes in natural teak colour. It's a natural characteristic of handmade furniture that no two pieces come in exact same colour, due to differing ages of wood.
    *Teak furniture is handmade and imported from Indonesia. Delivery lead time is 4 weeks.


    Deliver in 25 Available Working Days

    Width (cm): 43, Height (cm): 61, Depth (cm): 43
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