Free Mattress for Singapore's Less Privileged

FortyTwo's Free Mattress Program was launched in July 2009. This program will give out 1 brand new mattress every week, to our less privileged fellow Singaporeans. The mattress given would be either Single Size, Super Single Size or Queen Size, depending on the requirements of the individual applicant.

The main motivation behind this program is recorded in this blog post : Free Mattress Program - The Story Behind


Who Can Qualify

Anyone who holds a Singapore Citizenship or Singapore Permanent Resident Status.


How to Apply

Simply send us an email at (fmp [at] with the following details:

  • Are you applying for yourself? Or are you applying on behalf of someone else?
  • Your name and the beneficiary's name
  • Your contact number and the beneficiary's contact number
  • Your address and the beneficiary's address
  • Your email address and the beneficiary's email address
  • Size of Mattress applying for:
    • Single 90cm x 190cm
    • Super Single 105cm x 190cm
    • Queen 150cm x 190cm
  • Provide the name and contact details of at least 2 reference sources (in case we need to do background checks)
  • In less than 500 words, please tell your story. It will be useful if it contains information on your current situation, for example: employment status, age, family background, financial status etc

You can apply for yourself or on behalf of someone you know.


How it Works

We will review every application that comes in and will decide on who to award the mattress to, based on an internal voting system. The mattress will be awarded to the applicant, whom in our view needs the free mattress the most.

The mattress will be sent out within 1 week after announcing the weekly recipient.


Important notes :

I) After deciding on who would be the weekly recipient of the free mattress, we will conduct background checks to confirm whether the case is genuine before we officially announce the successful applicant.

II) The applicant's name, address and personal story might be published in our blog.

By applying for this program, you accept the above 2 conditions.


An Even More Important Note :

This is a Charity Program. This Program is meant for the POOR AND NEEDY in Singapore.