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    toonacan Bean Bag Cover & Lining (Unfilled) By doob

    The toonacan is a great excuse to stay in - and bring your friends over! For those who love their furniture soft and round, the toonacan is the perfect item to fill that doob®-shaped space in your room. Toss it around and go crazy with how many ways you can use it; once you get into a toonacan, you never want to get out.

    Each toonacan comes with an inner cotton lining and a removable outer cover which you can wash, or change, with your mood.

    Fabric Material:Tetoron-Rayon cover (machine-washable)
    Cotton inner lining

    0.9 by 0.9m** ; 290L
    ** Floor area taken up when filled and set in cockpit position.


    Deliver in 6 Available Working Days

    Width (cm): 90, Height (cm): 90, Depth (cm): 1
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