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  • 1 Year warranty
    toonacan Bean Bag Cover & Lining (Unfilled) By doob

    The toonacan is a great excuse to stay in - and bring your friends over! For those who love their furniture soft and round, the toonacan is the perfect item to fill that doob®-shaped space in your room. Toss it around and go crazy with how many ways you can use it; once you get into a toonacan, you never want to get out.

    Each toonacan comes with an inner cotton lining and a removable outer cover which you can wash, or change, with your mood.

    Fabric Material:Tetoron-Rayon cover (machine-washable)
    Cotton inner lining

    0.9 by 0.9m** ; 290L
    ** Floor area taken up when filled and set in cockpit position.


    Deliver in 6 Available Working Days

    Width (cm): 90, Height (cm): 90, Depth (cm): 1
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  • 1 Year warranty
    doobsta' Sesame by doob bean bags

    Simple in design, yet amazing in how many ways you can use it, the doobsta’ is one helluva bean bag. Lie it flat and it becomes a mattress, prop it on its side and it becomes a recliner – use your imagination, or our gallery. Have some me-time playing your favourite game, reading that latest novel, or snuggle with your loved ones; the doobsta can do it all. The doobsta’ is additionally easy to stash away, when you want that extra space in your pad, but why would you want that extra space when you have a doobsta’?


    Deliver in 6 Available Working Days

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