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  • 1-Year warranty
    Plop BeanBag Wine Red By doob

    There's no way you can go wrong with the doob® plop! With the classic teardrop shape, getting in and out of a plop is a piece of cake. The plop is in addition made of durable polyester and coated on the underside with water-resistant PVC for that extra assurance whenever your butterfingered visitor is teetering near with a dish that uses delicious spicy gravy. The plop comes in three sizes and each plop comes with an inner lining and a removable outer cover.

    The Plop comes in three sizes (Large | Medium | Small) and each Plop comes with an inner lining and a removable outer cover.

    - Small (0.65 by 0.65m ; 260L)
    - Medium (0.8 by 0.8m ; 350L)
    - Large (0.95 by 0.95m ; 490L)


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  • 1-Year warranty
    Plopsta' BeanBag Wine Red By doob

    The plopsta' was conceived after a large doobsta' and a large plop were left alone in the doobspace one cool evening. We returned the next day to discover rose petals, scented candles and massage oil laying amidst the two frisky doobs.

    What was even more surprising was that the bean bags appeared to be cradling a bean bag that we had never seen before: it has the shape of a large doobsta' and the skin of a plop. The miracle of the plopsta' thus combines the comfort and versatility of the large doobsta', and the water-resistant and pet-friendly properties of a plop. Get a plopsta' today and get cozy.

    *warning: do not attempt to breed your own doobs; this is a job best left to the professionals (plus the conditions have to be really romantic).

    Fabric Material:Polyester with PVC undercoat
    (water-resistant; wipe with wet cloth; hand-wash)
    Cotton inner lining

    - Large (1.6 by 0.95m ; 350L)
    - Medium (1.4 by 0.8m; 320L)


    Deliver in 6 Available Working Days

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