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  • 1 Year warranty
    toonacan Bean Bag Cover & Lining (Unfilled) By doob

    The toonacan is a great excuse to stay in - and bring your friends over! For those who love their furniture soft and round, the toonacan is the perfect item to fill that doob®-shaped space in your room. Toss it around and go crazy with how many ways you can use it; once you get into a toonacan, you never want to get out.

    Each toonacan comes with an inner cotton lining and a removable outer cover which you can wash, or change, with your mood.

    Fabric Material:Tetoron-Rayon cover (machine-washable)
    Cotton inner lining

    0.9 by 0.9m** ; 290L
    ** Floor area taken up when filled and set in cockpit position.


    Deliver in 6 Available Working Days

    Width (cm): 90, Height (cm): 90, Depth (cm): 1
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  • 10 Years warranty
    Minimalist Coffee Table

    - Solid Teak Wood
    - Natural Teak Wood Colour

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    Deliver in 26 Available Working Days

    Width (cm): 100, Height (cm): 45, Depth (cm): 50
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  • 1 Year warranty
    Tall Polos Pot Stand

    - Hand Crafted Solid Teak Wood
    - Natural Teak Wood Colour
    - Reinforced Butt Joints

    *Our teak furniture is handmade from natural teak hardwood. This means that each piece of teak furniture has its own character and no two pieces are exactly alike; the key attribute that sets teak apart from cheap, run of the mill furniture churned out from factory lines.

    Unlike some other retailers, we do not paint teak. Painting is a commonly used underhand method to cover up substandard wood or workmanship in teak furniture.

    Dimensions and colours of wood stains (based on wood age) may vary slightly from piece to piece, and they may display natural imperfections like small cracks and mild warping. These aren't faults – they are details that make each piece beautifully unique.


    Deliver in 26 Available Working Days

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