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  • Bar Chair A - Leather


    Bar Chair A - Leather
    EDD+ specialises in nature inspired, unique, eclectic, quirky furniture and decorative ideas to spice up your homes, spaces and environment
    Not recommended for outdoor usage


    Seat: Leather
    Base: Metal ((Non-Stainless Steel)

    Product Dimensions (cm):

    Total Width: 40
    Width (Seat): 40
    Total Depth: 40
    Depth (Seat): 35
    Total Height: 79
    Height (Backrest): 12

    Gentle Notes:

    Each piece is painstakingly handcrafted and will have slight variation in techniques between batches
    Products are from natural sources, thus colours and textures etc. will be unique to each piece
    This is the beauty of the product and not a defect


    6 months warranty against manufacture defects


    Deliver in 6 Available Working Days

    Width (cm): 40, Height (cm): 79, Depth (cm): 40
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