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  • 3-Year warranty
    Seleke Mini Side Cabinet

    Bring nature into your space while storing your items in an orderly manner with the Seleke Mini Side Cabinet. Its petite size makes it useful as a tabletop organizer, storing away any clutter from prying eyes. Rattan panels on its sleek flap doors add visual interest while still protecting against most dirt and dust.

    BENTAN mini cabinet 4 doors

    1. Atmosphere maker in space

    The rhythmic pattern of the door and wood color make the interior of the house even brighter.

    2. Storing elegantly

    Flap door's splendid return!! Modern door details add elegance to the design.

    3. Delicate color expression

    Attractive colors and textures that resemble solid wood give the space a natural mood and complete a warm sensibility.


    The completeness of the product has been enhanced with a meticulous finish to the corners.

    Scratch-resistant pads are included to minimize product and floor damage.


    Regular Price: S$253.90

    Special Price S$140.90

    Deliver in 2 Available Working Days

    Width (cm): 42, Height (cm): 42, Depth (cm): 20
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  • 3-Year warranty
    Aralt 0.6M Display Cabinet (Grey/Dark Wood)

    Regular Price: S$319.00

    Special Price S$179.00

    Deliver in 33 Available Working Days

    Width (cm): 59, Height (cm): 180, Depth (cm): 35
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