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  • Romeo Storage Bench

    If you’re human and normal, this bench is great for you to sit on and store stuff like books, toys, or other valuable stuff of yours. -Use as bench and storage utility. If you’re a vampire, you can fold yourself up, sleep inside, and concuss your days away like nobody’s business. -Use as a private bed. If you’re a child, it’s a good place for you to hide in while playing ‘hide-n-seek’. -Use as a hiding place. And if you’re a very mean fella, that’s where you take whatever that’s hiding inside, (I’d recommend the kid) ship it overseas, and kiss your worries goodbye. –Use as shipping container. Psst… you get that we’re just joking right? :)

    Width (cm): 89, Height (cm): 46, Depth (cm): 41
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