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    Pelican Replica Chair with Buttons (Orange)

    The Designer Replica Pelican Chair is for those who want a low sitting chair to chillax in and look good at the same time. Its design shows influences of surrealism, cubism, and is inspired by the shape of the human body. As a result, this chair has an organic shape and is truly a work of art. This chair consists of a cushioned fibreglass shell in a cosy mix of wool and nylon fabric with legs of solid ash wood and scratch-free plastic stoppers at their base.

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    Width (cm): 83, Height (cm): 68
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  • 10-Year warranty
    Wagon Arm Chair with Oak Leg, Pale Silver

    Wagon armchair is a very exclusive looking and modern sofa. The sofa is outfitted the most gorgeous and best quality materials with designs ahead of its time. The exquisite sense of design brings exclusivity to its users.

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    Width (cm): 86, Height (cm): 81, Depth (cm): 85
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