5 types of Pillows Recommended by Othorpedic Specialists

Other than mattress, pillow plays a huge role in contributing to a good night’s sleep and waking up fresh without aches. There are many types of pillows which can improve your sleep, helping to maintain a good sleeping posture.

Get to know what types of pillows are there and what are the advantages. Below are the few common ones.

Knee Pillow –Knee pillows are used to reduce strain for the lower back by placing between the knees when sleeping at the side and the back of the knees while sleeping on the back.

Body Pillows – A body pillow is long, as long as an adult body, provides very good support for the whole body during sleep. Excellent for side sleepers, and pregnant women especially.

Neck Pillows – These pillows support the neck, they are contoured to fill the space between the head and the neck, providing excellent support in keeping the spine straight while you rest.

Lumber Pillow – A lumber pillow is placed under the lower back, to support the lumber spine curve. Especially useful when sitting in a car, the shock and gravity forces are absorbed.

Dounut Pillow – The dounut pillow, as the name suggest, has hole in the middle, placed on the chair. Mostly used by people who suffer from tailbone injury. Recommended for pregnant woman as well, to reduce pressure for comfortable seating.


  1. I am 6 months pregnant now with my 2nd baby, I was ok for the first pregnancy, the backache was still not so bad. But it seem very bad this time, I am only into the 6th month, and I can hardly fall asleep at night. My lower back hurts especially, no matter what position I am. I am thinking of buying the body pillow as I have also read some where that is good for preg mother since it is not advisable to sleep on the back. I understand that your website do not sell it. I saw it in departmental store, the price is really high, all above $100. Is there anyway the bolster can do the trick instead?

    • The body pillow is designed specially to provide full body support, for the head, neck , shoulders, back and hip. The body pillows are designed to be able to contour around your body.
      This is very useful in providing support for the back especially for pregnant mothers. It can support your belly and the back at the same time which is something a bolster cannot achieve.
      It is not only useful during your pregnancy, but after pregnancy too. It can be used as a nursing pillow as well.
      I definately find it a good investment for maintaining a good and healthy sleep for a happy pregnancy. 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I find your site is very useful with all the infos on different type of pillow. Do you have any idea where to buy a good body pillow? Thanks in advance.

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