Improve your sleep with the correct pillow

Stiff neck? Change your pillow. Shoulder Pain? Change your pillow. With the wrong type of pillow, you would probably end up with severe stiff neck, giddiness and even headache.

To pick the right bed pillow, first, get to know how many types of pillows are there.

Then, base on your usual sleeping pattern, pick the ideal one and pain will soon become history.

If you are a back sleeper, pick something of medium height , medium firm to firm, that will support your head and neck.

For a side sleeper, go for a pillow that is high, medium firm to extra firm, keeping your spine straight while you rest.

A tummy sleeper should get a low or flat pillow so the tension on your neck do not build up.

Below is a simple guide on few of the most common types of pillows in the market.

Synthetic Fiber Fill Pillow – Uses polyester fiber, easy to wash. Allergy and odor free. Generally lower in price. Soft to medium firm. Ideal for cuddling as it can be easily squished.

Foam Pillow – Foam pillows are firm and never lose its shape for a long long time. Foam pillows provide good support for the neck. Recommended for side sleepers. Shaped foam mattresses are very popular for their contoured shape, which provides additional support for the neck during sleep.

Cotton Pillow – Cotton pillows are usually flat. Firm but has a springy feel. Cotton being a natural material, is hypoallergenic. Ideal for people who suffers from allergy.  Disadvantage is it flattens quickly. Recommended for back or tummy sleeper.

Memory Foam Pillow – Memory foam conforms to the contour of the neck and head, providing all rounded support. They are usually heavy and last longer. The foam springs back to its original shape after you move away. With these properties, memory foam pillows will not go out of shape. For back and side sleeper.

Latex Pillow – Latex, an extract from rubber trees, is a natural material. Hypoallergenic , dustmite free, anti bacterial. Ideal for asthma and allergies sufferers. Latex pillow do not sag and can last for a long time. With the pin hole technology that is used to manufacture this pillow, it breathes, keeping you cool and dry. For back and side sleeper.

Feather and Down Pillows – Feather and down pillows are very popular since the olden times for the luxurious feel. Down pillows are soft, fluffy and moulds around the neck and head. Do not provide as much support compared to firmer pillows.  You may want to get one which is specially treated to be allergy free.