What is MDF?

MDF, Medium Density Fiber in full, should not be an unfamiliar name if you have bought furniture or had your house renovated recently. For those who have no idea what it is, this post is here to introduce this wonderful material.

It is an engineered wood product formed with wood fiber mixed with resin adhesive. These materials are widely used in the construction and furniture industry, substituting timber and other wood based materials.


More than 100 years ago, before MDF was invented, all furnitures are made with wood. In the past, there wasn’t much variety on the furniture choices as there wasn’t such thing as lifestyle living. Those who can afford huge pieces of wooden furniture were the royals and the rich.

Many make do with simple wooden furniture, which are usually crafted by the neighbourhood carpenters , or most if the time, by the man of the house. Of course, solid wood furniture last a long time. Some of you probably still have the antique wooden trunk left behind by your great grand father.

It is true that MDF furniture do not last as long as solid wood. But they are good enough to last through until your next renovation. You would probably want to change the furniture in your home for a new look by then. Unless, you intend to keep the solid wood closet as a family heirloom for your great grand children.

Back to MDF, there are many reasons why furniture manufacturers favour MDF to solid wood nowadays.

MDF are flat, very smooth, dense and flexible. The smooth surface makes it easy to be painted on to create beautiful textures and attractive finish. The edges are fine and smooth after cutting, can be easily joined to create furnitures and interior effects.

Interior designers especially favour MDF for its flexibility on curved walls. MDF being a very versatile material, can be cut, sawed, glued and stapled.

Its cost saving factor is of course also one of the reasons why manufacturers are choosing them over timber. With the low cost, that is why more and more consumers nowadays have MDF fixtures and furniture in their home.

Finally, the good reason will be MDF are environment friendly. Less trees are being cut down after the introduction of MDF. And these materials can be broken down and renewed. These properties makes MDF a very popular world wide material.

Some of the everyday items which are made with MDF are floorings, wall panels, shelves, cornices, fitted kitchens, furniture and the list goes on…..