5 Facts you should know about sleep and fitness

Sleep affects our health. This is a fact that we all know.

Lack of sleep will affect our concentration, resulting in mistakes in work. And also cause a hazard if we travel on the road frequently.

You can stay fit and healthy by exercising and keeping a proper diet. But, do you know that lack of sleep will ruin our fitness plan and deem all our hard work in exercising futile?

We are honored to have Mr. Winston Liow, an established personal trainer of more than 10 years to contribute an article on this subject.

Mr. Liow suggested in this article that for those who are frequent visitors to the gym, if you are not getting enough quality sleep, you will soon find your gym membership fees gone to drain.

The article is titled Sleep and Fitness.

If you are not getting a good night’s sleep,  is it because the mattress too old or too soft? Is the pillow too flat? did you had caffeine earlier? Find out and change what you can, because sleep affects us in more ways that we can imagine.