What is in a Memory Foam Mattress

I believe most of us have heard of memory foam mattress, but what actually is memory foam? What is it made of? Where did it originate from? What are the actual benefits? Who sells them? How much does one cost? Read on to find out…..

Memory foam mattresses, better known as Visco-elastic mattresses has brought in a revolution in the technology adopted by mattresses. These memory foam mattresses mold according the shape and weight placed on the bed with a unique feature of memorizing its previous shape.

Memory foam mattresses have gained immense popularity owing to their exceptional features of adjusting themselves as per the comfort of the person hitting the bed, thereby relieving him of unwanted pressure on his joints and body parts. These mattresses are the best solution to give you freedom from insufficient sleep, restlessness and back aches.

Memory foam mattresses are suggested by many orthopedics to patients suffering from health ailments, bed sores and joint pains. Realizing the benefit of these mattresses, they were used by NASA astronauts to reduce the pressure inflicted on their body during the take-off and landing of their rocket. Today, many hospitals buy memory foam mattress for relieving their patients suffering from pressure sores.

There are many brands in Singapore that sells memory foam mattress, one of thr more popular brand is Maxcoil, a local manufacturer in Singapore. A single sized memory foam mattress from Maxcoil starts from SGD $1,500. You can be purchase it directly from our main site www.beds.sg

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