7 Common Pitfalls of Bedroom Design to Avoid

A bedroom is a private place for rest, relaxation, recreation and refreshing yourself. It is place where we can dare to be ourselves without any pretensions meant for the world outside. Hence it is important that the bedroom not only keeps with one’s tastes and preferences, but with additional aesthetic appeal that provides a calm, soothing environment.

We have found at least 7 very common pitfalls of bedroom designs that detract from the very purpose of the bedroom, leaving the occupant ill at ease and not comfortable the way he would like to be. Avoiding the following would help in creating a better designed bedroom:

1.Lack of natural sunlight and ventilation: Modern designs seek to incorporate mood lighting and air conditioning, without realizing how important it is to have some amount of sunlight entering the room at least during the early hours of the day. Natural ventilation is healthier than artificial sources, and therefore the bedroom must benefit from both.

2.Loud and overly bright colors: Many a time people feel that bright colors will brighten their lives. Unfortunately, they may just prove to be burdensome and not in the least relaxing. Colors selected for the bedroom must but comforting and calming. The three S’s of bedroom color include sedate, soothing and stylish. These may be found in shades of ivory, cool blues or similar lighter hues.

3.Bedrooms need a plan beyond beds: Most people believe that the bedroom needs beds and little else. But bedrooms would be incomplete without space, storage, seating and accessories. A proper plan for the bedroom must be drawn of course with beds as the most important but must include the other essentials.

4.Storage-too much or too little: Storage proves to be taken in extremes in many bedrooms. Often people do not provide for adequate storage and later on find the room cluttered with things that have no place to be stored in. The other extreme is people who wish to see clear rooms and make overpowering wardrobes that dwarf the room, making the bedroom look cramped.

5.Space mania with beds in a corner: It is not unusual to find people wanting free space to move about in the bedroom and therefore place beds against the wall in a corner, forcing one partner to crawl onto the bed. This is perhaps the least desirable placement for beds meant for two people. Beds must be accessible from both sides.

6.Indifference to ceilings: We wake up each morning with our eyes turned upwards towards the ceiling-a pleasing ceiling would be a great way to start the day. This however, is the most ignored part of the bedroom.

7.Lack of adequate seating: Bedrooms are no longer just sleeping rooms. It is a good idea to have comfortable seating for at least two or more people rather than having to use the bed to sit forcibly and uncomfortably.

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