Free Mattress Program, The Story Behind

During the initial launch of, 2 years ago, our company infrastructure wasn’t that stable yet. Every now and then, there will be hiccups here and there with our delivery team. As a result, I was spending at least 2 days per week helping out the delivery team. Yes, physically delivering the mattresses and beds myself. And, yes… it is tough work

But, well… I learnt alot.

As you might know, if you purchased from us before, we provide free mattress disposal service. In other words, when you buy a mattress from us, we will help you dispose your old one. And, this is where the whole story begins….

A good number of mattress I (physically) dispose of were full of bed bugs. I testify that bed bugs are one of the most digusting things on this planet. The mattresses that were infected by bed bugs have a really bad smell, they produce a kind of odour. I can’t really describe the smell but it is a basically a mixture of dried blood combined with faeces from the bed bugs. Anyway, the point is…. it is just plain gross.

A lot of mattress, which I dispose during that time were badly deformed and out of shape. Some even had springs poking out.

Then, it dawned unto me that might be extremely poor people around who are using this kind of mattresses and are unable to afford new ones. Look at the prices at mattresses out there, it cost minimum a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

I am sure, my fellow Singaporeans, you have seen on TV or knew people who are so poor that sometimes they rather skip a meal to set aside money for their rent or for their childrens school fees or for the medical fees of their loved ones. Now, tell me, how the hell are they going to afford a new mattress?

The irony of all, an unhygenic mattress will cause them to be ill more often, then, on top of their already very bad situation, they probably have to skip seeing the doctor. Or skip more meals because they can’t go to work. You get what I am driving at? The poor gets poorer so as the saying goes…..

How about the ederly in our country, a number of them who are depending social welfare, you think they got the money to get a new mattress? I once delivered a mattress to an elderly gentleman whom stays alone, the mattress was ordered by his son who stays elswhere. The mattress the elderly was sleeping on was unusable, disgusting to the max. Any strong healthy person sleeping on that mattress will get sick! Now, my point is, this elderly guy had a son, his son bought him a new mattress, how about those that do not have children who cares for them? You get my point?

Free Mattress Program

We can’t help everyone, but we will try to help as many as we could. Thus, we decided to launch the “Free Mattress Program”

You can view the full details here, Free Mattress Program. But in short, this is how it goes.

We will give away one mattress every week for as long as we can afford. The mattress given away would either Single, Super Single or Queen Size, depending on the requirement of the individual. It will be a brand new mattress.

To apply for the “Free Mattress Program”, fill up the form with all the fields required . We will review all the applicants, do background checks and choose the successful applicant base on who needs the mattress most.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that most of the people needing the mattress will not be internet savvy and wouldn’t be able to apply for this program themselves. We will depend mostly on referrals to keep this program successful. So, this is where we need your help – If you do come across anyone who you think will benefit from this program, please fill up the same form found here, Free Mattress Program.

I will empahsis strongly here : This program is for Singapore’s poor and needy. This is a Charity program. Do not spam us with fake stories. We cannot afford to spend time trying to sort out the the non-genuine cases from the genuine ones, if anyone starts spamming us with fake applicants, this program will fail.

So let’s do our part to help make Singapore a better place.


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  4. Hi,

    Your giving away free mattress is a real great good deed to the lesser cared people!

    Thank you for doing it!
    Keep up your good work!


  5. WTG … thanks for helping the needy ….. nice way of helping people .. all the best may you be able to do this all the way … and make enough to continue helping others

  6. Read your interesting program about is there any help in getting rid of bed bugs – as you mentioned, most of the disposed mattresses are full of bed bugs. ??

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    • Hi Regina,

      To the best of our knowledge, we have yet to hear of any other programmes like our FMP elsewhere in Singapore or the world. Have a good day!

      -The FortyTwo Team

  8. I do not know what to do or if anyone can help but I am in desperate need of a mattress. I’ve been on the floor for months just to feed the kids and put a roof over their heads. I work for minimum wage and just can not make ends meet. Please help thaanks

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