Cheapest Best Selling Mattress in Singapore

Wasaly Luxury Mattress has reached 3000 pieces sold!!

The Wasaly Luxury Mattress is the all time best seller of since the first day the website is launched.

Many of you may wonder, a queen size cheap mattress for at $150, how good can it be?

If you are someone with a lot of budget, and thinking of getting a luxurious mattress with extra comfy pillow top, than, the Wasaly Luxury Mattress is NOT for you.

IF, you are someone, looking for a reasonable quality, medium firmness mattress, and has a tight budget, then the Wasaly Luxury Mattress would be perfect for you.

A little background about Wasaly.

Wasaly is a local mattress manufacturer, located at Defu Lane. Wasaly started their business in manufacturing of foam. Untill today, they are still the largest foam supplier to many major mattress and furniture manufacturers in Singapore. Their business then expanded and they also produce mattress and now they are well known for their quality yet cheap mattress.

Being a mattress manufacturer in Singapore for decades, Wasaly has become a known and reputable brand.

The Wasaly Luxury mattress, isn’t exactly the high quality type of mattress that you see displaying as a centre piece in high-end mattress stores. It does not have high spring count or orthopedic features.

So why is this Wasaly Luxury the Best selling mattress?

There might be many reasons, but this is what I can think of….

Same quality, lower price.

Priced at SGD $150 for a Queen Size (including delivery and GST). the Wasaly Luxury Mattress is much lower priced than than other mattresses with the same quality, as Wasaly is the main foam supplier to other mattress manufacturers in Singapore. Their manufacturing cost is naturally lower.

Many Positive Reviews

The customers who have bought the Wasaly Luxury Mattress gave highly rated reviews for this mattress.

Dedicated Mattress Making Masters

Wasaly being very established has a team of experienced and dedicated mattress makers.

Made 100% in Singapore

Quality is ensured. And, in case of any warranty issue, you will not need to worry about where to send your mattress to. They are right here in Singapore.

Wasaly Luxury Mattresses comes with 5 years warranty.