Beds and Mattress Sale

Is having a Sale?

Wait… I will come to that later

Every day (especially weekends), when I open the newspaper, I come across huge advertisments splashed over the newspapers with big titles like “Giant Sale! Up to 80% off Beds and Mattress”. Then the advertisements are usually followed by some details like

“**** Mattress, Usual price : $1,500, Now Special Price $499”

or something like

Queen Size Beds Starting from $99!

Wow! Should we just drop everything down and rush to their shop and buy? Well, at least the “creative person” who came out with the advertisements would think so….

You see, the problem of these advertisements is that they are there every week! From the same few companies.

Now the question is, are they still making a profit if they sell a $1,500 mattress at $499?

If yes, then what kind of profit margin are they enjoying when they are not on sale? You do the maths.

If no, then why would they have everything on sale every week? And spend tens of thousands of dollars on advertisement every month?

You know, alot of my customers ask me this question before purchasing from us “Are you sure delivery is free? There are no GST charges right? No hidden cost?”  Even though, it is stated very clearly in our site that we don’t charge delivery and GST, the questions keep coming.

Then, I realized that these customers had some bad experience purchasing from some furniture stores (the same ones that advertise every week) The problem is like this

–  the advertisment will state that (for example) a Queen Size Bed is having a special promo at $99
–  When the customer is about to purchase, then, they realize that the price of $99, does not include a $50 delivery charge (some charge up to $80 for delivery) and a 7% GST, charge and that will come up to $160.

I sometimes just wonder, at this time and age, do they really think such tactics would would work? Maybe in the 1980s but definately not now. Consumers now so smart that they can sniff out a gimmick in less than a second.

Well, back to the Sale, are we having a Sale?

Not really a sale….., but we will be giving a discount if you blog about us
Really? How much?

Yes, really. $15

What? That’s peanuts!

Yes, that’s not a fortune, I agree. But that’s a lot to us, we work on minimum mark-up and believe it or not, we sometimes don’t even make a profit on some of our products. But again, think about it, $15 is equilevant to 2 movie tickets on a weekday, a taxi ride from Jurong East to Orchard Road,  a copy of Air Supply’s All-time’s Best CD…….

Ok, whatever……… so how do I get my $15 discount?

After purchasing with us, simply write a blog post of 150 words on your shopping experience with and we will mail you a cheque of $15.

What if I don’t have a blog?

Create one. It takes less than a 3 minutes to do it. For more details, please see this page Rebate