Buying Bed Mattress, How Much Should We Spend?

We all work hard to earn money to live life well and support our loved ones. Our lives get enriched if we also enjoy good health, and the age-old saying; ”health is wealth” is so very true.

There are various factors that help ensure good health, such as exercising, eating healthy and a good night’s sleep at the end of each day. Sleep is so important to recharge one’s energies and the basic requirement is a good comfortable bed and mattress. But does that mean that any amount of expense is justified for a good bed?

This is a highly debatable issue and people have different viewpoints on the subject. Some would choose to buy the most expensive mattress thinking that it would bring the best quality of sleep. Others would look at all the different kinds of mattresses available and then choose one that fits their budget and provides the kind of comfort they want.

Most people shopping for new products like mattresses or any other large purchase would keep some kind of budget in mind, with some scope of extending it. Markets are full of mattresses and each has some additional feature that may appeal to a small section of customers.

The crucial issue is whether the features added with every passing day are needed for a product like a mattress. They are a lot of marketing gimmicks to make even a simple necessity like a mattress seem so complicated. Mattresses basically compose of an inner layer of coils or springs, foam or latex or even coir. The top layer can be made of latex, memory foam, or cotton, for a softer feel.

However, there are many features that are used by the manufacturers/retailers to jack up the prices of mattresses. Here are a few features that I personally feel unneccassary

1)Lifetime Warranty – Many people might get taken in with the lifetime warranty, but it does not necessarily mean refund after even two months of purchase.

2)Silk quilting? Mattress is covered with bedsheets anyway.

3)Extra Thickness – Doesn’t improve comfort at all, but thick mattress do look impressive though…

4)No Flip? Flipping comes along with the cleaning routine, why should you pay for a non-flip mattress? What if you damaged or dirtied the top side? You can’t flip it to use the bottom side!

Mattresses starts at $150 and are even available for $5,000 and more, with all the additional features pumped in. If you are able to tell what features are gimmicks and what features are necessary, you would be in a better position to purchase a mattress that brings a bang for your money spent.

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