First Mattress Given Under Free Mattress Program

We have given away our first mattress under our Free Mattress Program. We had 7 applicants since the launch of the program on the 20th July. The applicants who were not selected could reapply for next week’s free mattress.

I would like to thank all those who had helped this program. You will be glad to know that at least 1 Singaporean’s life would be better every week…..

I would also like to thank the person who had applied on the applicant’s behalf.

Below is the applicant’s story, through the words of his friend. (I had changed the names, as I do not wish any uneccessary inconvenience brought to the applicant through this program)

Dear, I am applying for a chance to give my friend, John Lee, an opportunity to have a better living condition.

Background of John Lee and his family: He is soon to be 21st on 30th August. Currently serving full-time NS, he only gets pathetic allowance from the SAF and still has a long way till ORD in Sep-2010. His mom passed away, leaving him with his ageing dad and an elder brother. His dad and brother were not employed currently, with his dad staying in the 3-room flat (2 bedrooms + 1 living room) most of the time.

Current situation: John was very reluctant to invite people to his house. I am considered the “lucky” few to have stepped in. I took the chance on CNY when i said that i wanted to pay a visit to his dad. He agreed. To my horror (actually he already told me his house was in a mess before i went), never did i expect that it could be 100X worst than i thought.

His house was TOTALLY overwhelmed with piles and piles of poster rolls stacked up in his house. I was dumbfounded and instantly went into a state of shock the moment he opened the door. The living room was left with a very small walkway leading to his bedroom. That’s not the end. His room and kitchen was filled with those things too!! Horrendous. Needless to say, his whole house was filled with a stench, but i never had the courage to tell him that his house reeks.

The problem is, if this is sort of House Makeover Show by Mediacorp, John could probably have a high chance of getting it. But as a friend of his, i really wish that he could at least have a basic, nice and comfortable bed to sleep on every night when he book out from NS.

John’s room was shared with his brother. Right now, he sleeps on a small Di-Lum that is laid on the floor, while his brother takes the .. filthy bed. Speaking of those “stuffs”, they were brought home by his brother and left in the house, accumulating throughout the years. I really pity John. I once asked him to tell his brother to throw away those stuffs, but he said those are not his and he couldn’t do anything about it.

The other room used by his dad was kind of ajar that day. His dad didn’t want me to peek into it. He was too embarrassed i guessed. It was all his brother’s doings that made the whole house into such state. I believe neither John nor his dad could talk his brother out.

Ending Statement: What i wish for here, as a friend of John, to let him have a bed of his, or a mattress so he won’t have to sleep on Di Lums anymore. At least once he gets a brand new bed/mattress, he and his family could do a bit of spring cleaning and can finally have a sound sleep at night.

I really cannot believe John is living in such a condition. I have NEVER come across someone’s house that is so so so bad, until i saw his. His friend Jane Tan could probably verify my statement although i have no idea who she is. Her contacts was provided by John.

I found this website while surfing and decided to give it a shot. I have actually consulted John’s permission before participating but i did not show him my submission. I also understand that is only giving out free mattress for awarded applicants. Perhaps a plan can be made if he is really chosen.

His house is totally in a mess. But it may require alot of work for them. I am not asking for much. For John, or for his 21st birthday gift, i hope i have done my part. Thank you.

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