5 Great Tips For Bedroom Storage

The bedroom is one part of the house exclusively meant for stress free activities, and must provide the perfect ambience for de-stressing the tired occupants who have a hectic pace of life. The bedroom décor is a matter of personal choice, but then no matter what one’s preferences are, they must never be overpowering and garish.

Bedrooms must exude softer feelings of warmth, freshness and brightness, to be able to soothe the nerves and have a calming influence. It is therefore, important to have the right things in the right place in the bedroom.

While designing and decorating the bedroom it is important to remember the purpose it serves, and not confuse its functioning which can easily be accomplished in other parts of the house. Space is a scarce commodity doubtlessly in modern apartments and HDBs but it can be utilized in a manner that does not convert bedrooms into storerooms. This does not mean that nothing must be kept in bedrooms and that they must be clear.

The implication is to have the right balance of storage, aesthetic appeal and serenity. The following tips would help to create the right ambience, use space economically without giving the appearance of clutter, confusion and chaos:

1.Use space under the beds: Beds occupy a significant part of the bedroom, and the space under them lies idle and invites dust and dirt. It would be ideal if the space could be used efficiently.

2.Not too many closets but efficient use of space: Too many closets in the bedroom would seem overpowering, therefore it is preferable to have fewer in number with the potential of maximizing their storage with hanging space, shelves and drawers to fill in empty spaces.

3.Leave empty floor space but vertical space can be effectively utilized: Apartments generally have limited floor space to offer. Therefore the idea of keeping chests of drawers, dressers and cabinets on the floor would make the room congested with limited space to move about. It would give the appearance of an over crowded over furnished room, that is so unappealing. But there is lots of space open and available till the ceiling. While cabinets till the ceiling may not look attractive, there is no harm in having shelves and drawers that can be fitted on walls behind the beds, over the window and so on.

4.Create a loft- A loft is an overhead storage are that is constructed over the ceiling. This is done by effectively having a false ceiling and space between that and the real ceiling being used for storage with access from an inconspicuous door from the bedroom. This offers ample space for bags and suitcases, hammocks and holiday equipment, old books and toys that cannot be parted with just yet.

5.Customize TV cabinets and hide shelves behind the mirror- The TV is now an essential gadget in every bedroom. While wall mounted sets are popular, many people prefer having TV cabinets. These can be customized to have additional storage space as part of the design and can be used for keeping odds and ends. Additional space can be created by adding narrow shelves behind the mirror of the dresser for keeping small things that cannot be thrown.

All these tips would help to make he bedroom look clear and open, bright and warm rather than a store full of things ready to fall on the occupants.