Second Mattress Given Under Free Mattress Program

We have given the away the second mattress under the Free Mattress Program. This time it is a Queen Size mattress given to a family staying in Bedok North. Once again, for those who were not selected, you can re-apply for next week’s mattress.

The following is the summarized story of this family.

The applicant is a divorcee with 3 young children. In her own words :

” im 26 yrs old.. divorced with 3 young childrens and im
unemployed.. cant afford to get a proper sleeping place for my
2 yrs old ashmatic son and my 7 yrs old son undergo his
operation on 18th august 2009..”

added information

“my son is going for his tonsilities surgery.. i’ve no idea how much is the cost for the operation.. the medical social worker is helping me to pay for his surgery @ kkh. im staying with my 3 children n my youngest sister who is a student.. im unable to work because of boyh of my two younger son condition.. and their schooling hrs.. i gt $250.00 maintainence frm my ex husband and $180.00 frm MUIS.”

If you do know any people around you that desperately needs a new mattress, but do not have the means to get one, please help fill up the Free Mattress Program application Form