What Everybody Ought to Know About Mattress Care

Mattress care is neither cumbersome nor time consuming. It can simply become part of the regular cleaning regimen followed at home. The initial phase makes it appear like an added headache, but soon it blends into the household routine. All that mattresses need to be able to last long and well are a few simple measures like:

1) Place the mattress on a strong, firm base. This ensures that the mattress remains unshaken and does not sag with the curve of a base that cannot withstand the weight of the mattress.

2) The new mattress must be allowed to breathe for sometime after it has been removed from its plastic wrapping. This helps in removing the odor of newness that is typically found in foam products encased in plastic sheets for sometime.

3) Before being installed on the bed a washable, absorbent cover must be placed over the mattress. This will keep the mattress permanently clean and any spilling or stains will soil the cover and not the mattress. The cover being removable can be washed and placed again.

4) The mattress of even the finest quality like latex or memory foam must be flipped occasionally. This will help preserve its evenness on top and the whole mattress will stay firm.

5) Regular dusting and weekly vacuum cleaning of the mattress is recommended to prevent dust from settling on it. This will also ensure that dust mites never enter the mattress.

6) Mattresses must be free from moisture and therefore wet things must never be placed on them.
Mattresses do tend to absorb moisture during seasons when humidity levels are high. This may lead to fungal growths and discoloring. The best preventive for this is sunlight. Therefore, the mattresses must be kept under direct sunlight once a month or more if it is not too cumbersome a task. This will extract all the moisture and also kill any germs present.

7) While water must be avoided on mattresses any stains appearing on the mattress can be cleaned with mild but effective detergent and then cleaned with a wet cloth. This will keep the mattress spotlessly clean for years to come. The only word of caution here is that any wet exposure to the bed must be followed by proper drying to remove all traces of moisture from the mattress.

8) Mattresses may seem solid and tough but they serve a specific purpose of providing restful sleep. They must not be used as play areas or trampolines to be jumped on or as bouncing pads. This would damage the inner layers of the mattress and shorten their life.

9) Mattresses are meant to be stored flat and must never be folded, since folding will compress the inner layers and stretch the outer ones, causing irreparable damage.