Here’s A Quick Way To Change The Look Of Your Bedroom

Don’t you feel the bare floors in your bedroom make your room appear plain and incomplete? When you enter your room doesn’t it seem that something is not quite right, but cannot pinpoint what? Rooms need an infusion of warmth and color, which comes from rugs placed on the bedroom floor. Plain or with designs, rugs and carpets bring freshness into the room and make it more welcoming than the cold and bare floors. Depending on the size of free floor space, small or large, one or more rugs can transform the appearance of the bedroom.

Rugs and carpets come in many designs and qualities and can fit into every budget. The choice of rugs then has to be between pastel plains that will complement any type of furniture, abstract cottons that go well with wrought iron or bamboo furniture in the bedroom, or floral designs in silk or wool that enhance the beauty of Victorian or other ornate and carved wooden furniture, in teak, mahogany or rosewood. The general rule for bedroom rugs and carpets is to opt for soft pile ones or other soft carpets since heavy footwear is unlikely to be used within the room. Devoid of carpets, the furniture seems incomplete and simply placed on the floor, while a carpet gives a new elegance to the seating arrangement.

Rugs add to the luxurious feeling about a room, and it is blissful to put one’s feet on a soft rug instead of the hard, cold floor. The feeling could be extended to the whole room with a wall-to-wall carpet, or one or more smaller carpets. These could be placed in the center of a larger open space in the room, beside the bed and under a center table between a sofa set or a set of chairs, if any. Without a carpet the whole room looks like a field without grass, while a carpet infuses a feeling of welcoming warmth.

Rugs can also be used for sitting and playing games with children. They are preferable to sitting on the bare floor when a larger space is needed for puzzles or other games. They enhance the feeling of warmth in the room. Many people love to sit on the floor all the time on floor cushions or on the rug itself and find it more relaxing than any chair. Sitting on the floor without a rug is an uncomfortably cold experience, while sitting on a rug is extremely comfortable.

Contemporary interior designing is all about minimalist furnishings. However bare and minimal the furniture might be, a carpet makes the décor complete, complementing the furniture and other accessories. The rug or carpet is the neutralizing feature between drapes, bedspreads, cushions, seating and the floor.

Carpets are like a sounding board, that absorb the sound of footsteps, cushion every fall and damage, and also reduce the noise by absorbing the loud sounds as well. Thus little ones do not get hurt even if they fall and any breakable object falling does not break on the soft carpet.

Thus the carpet whether one or more, make the room a comfort zone that is beautiful and elegant. They help to unify the combination of colors that are used for the décor in the room. Lighter carpets add to the brightness and darker ones absorb the dirt and stains, which might be too conspicuous on a lighter one.