5th Mattress Given Under Free Mattress Program

We have just given away the 5th mattress under the free mattress program. This week we had a mini spike in applications, mainly due to the news coverage by mypaper.

For the rest of the applicants who were not selected for this week will be reconsidered for next week’s free mattress program.

Below is the story of this week’s applicant :

i just came out of prison on 29 July 2009 after serving 3 year 5 months jail term for drug related offences.I am 25 yrs old and just got employed as an admin.I have changed since then and have become a christian.

My mother is a 53 yrs old diabetic and requires Insulin injection 3 times a day so she is physically not well to work so i am supporting her and paying for the rental house from HDB. I have a sister w hom is unemployed and looking for a job,she is married with two kids and her husband is in prison.

As i was just released and do not have any savings i am financially not stable and have to seek the SANA for transportation expenses. My mum is seeking help with CDC and my sister two kids are with her mother-in-law,they come every weekend to stay.Before my incarceration we did not have a house that time, i left my things in a warehouse. I found out that they auctioned of my things and all my possessions were gone.

Currently, 3 of us are sleeping on a broken mattress and it really hurts my mum back. At night she would wake up and complain about backaches and i felt really helpless during those moments.She really needs something comfortable to sleep on and for now i cannot provide such needs.

Today when i read about your programme in the my paper and thought it would really be a great help for my family especially my mother. I hope you will consider my application as it would lighten my load of responsibilities.”

The application form for the Free Mattress Program can be found at http:www.beds.sg/fmp.asp