The Top Five Mattress Myths

Mattresses nowadays comes in all sorts of names, brands, technology, specification, features, materials, combinations and “benefits”. It may seem that you are spoilt for choice when you go mattress shopping. But the truth is, (without listening to the salesman), if you can’t differentiate one mattress from the other, there probably is not much difference.

Just in case you don’t already know, the mattress business is 90% marketing. Almost everything you hear from the mattress salesman are carefully crafted by mattress manufacturers and retailers to help differentiate their mattresses and profit from a higher markup. Thus, many myths get perpetuated in this way with few attempts by anyone to nullify their claims.

The number of myths are aplenty but in general, here are the top five:

1.The firmer the mattress, the better the quality of sleep -The truth is that there is no scientific evidence that proves that a specific firmness of the mattress is more appropriate than others.

2.The more mattress cost, the better it is – The reason why some mattress gets so expensive is because of the frills and extras like silk cover, hand woven top coverings, a layer of cashmere , branding, some special type of springs and tons of other features that you probably wouldn’t notice when you fall alseep.

3. Spring/Pocketed Spring mattresses are better than foam mattresses- This belief has been held on to for many years. This was to the extent that anyone having back problems would discard his foam mattress and opt for a spring one. In reality, many new types of foam have been developed, which provide as much firm support as spring mattresses, last longer, and also remain soft and supple without getting curves and depressions.

4.Higher coil count makes better mattresses- The truth is that a count of 312 is adequate to make a mattress firm and comfortable, more than that will have no impact since it will not make the mattress more comfortable. And, almost every mattress have a minimum of a 312 coil count.

5.Mattresses alone can ensure better sleep- Sleep might be elusive for a whole set of reasons like sleep apnea, caffeine in the body keeps people awake, anxiety and tension, noise pollution and many other health related factors.

These myths keep increasing in number as companies get more and more creative. So the advice is that you should follow your own gut feeling rather than accepting everything the mattress salesman tells you.