Mattress For Horse Racing Addicts

It has been a long time since I received a marketing email made me LOL. I categorize all marketing emails as spam unless I have dealt with the company before. I usually delete all unsolicitated marketing emails without reading. Yesterday, by chance I happen to read an marketing email from “Punters Way”, you know that little book that “ah peks” carry around especially during weekends around Kranji area.

Apparently, the sales guy did some research before sending out these marketing emails. He knew that was selling mattress (well done!), and what’s interesting was that he managed to reason/conclude that the “ah peks” in Kranji was a viable target audience for us and we should spend some money marketing to them. Mattresses for horse racing gamblers, wow!

Below is the screenshot of the email, I have blurred the original email address to protect his privacy.

Yes, the message was cute, but no, I am not going to advertise with them.

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