7 Useful Tips on Decorating Bedrooms

A few tips to help make things a lot easier for you as you go about the business of decorating your bedroom.

1) It is not what you keep but how you keep it. Bedrooms can have the cheapest furniture and accessories, but that too can look beautiful if placed right and coordinated in an appealing manner. The look of openness with bright sunlight seeping in during the day makes the bedroom cheerful and bright, instead of dull and morose.

2) Clutter free bedrooms should be the aim, since clutter makes the room messy and unkempt, it detracts from the feeling of comfort and warmth and prevents the free flow of positive energy. Above all, clutter leaves little space to sit or lie down. Adequate storage is important but this need not be in the form of giant sized wardrobes. It can also be created in dressers and chests to break the monotony of the room.Ornate beds look beautiful but the size of the bedroom must be borne in mind before ordering the bed, lest they be so huge as to dwarf the room with their size and leave no space to even move about.

3) Placing mirrors in the bedroom is not just auspicious but mirrors also create the illusion of space and make the room look bigger.

4) Comforters and bedspreads in coordinated colors with soothing prints enhance the elegance of he bedroom.
Lighting of the master bedroom must bring warmth by being neither too much nor too dim which may make visibility a problem.

5) Freshly painted bedrooms bring a clean and pleasing look that make the bedroom more inviting. Lighter colors soothe the occupants more.

6) The flooring of the bedroom also has a role to play in its ambience. Lighter short pile carpets and rugs add to the décor and give a greater aesthetic appeal to the room.

7) Display of artwork, decoration pieces like crystal vases, hand painted ceramics, beautifully framed family pictures and other attractive pieces add character to the room. However, too many decorative items will make the place excessively done up and become less appealing.

Implementing these suggestions is easy and the end result will make it worth the effort put in, with a master bedroom that may become paradise for the occupants.