8th and 9th Mattress Given Under Free Mattress Program

We made an exception this week, 2 mattresses were given to a family this week. This family was referred to us by a welfare worker from Singapore’s Children Society. Give their current situation, we agreed internally to give them 2 mattresses. Below is the brief story:

“Mr XXX is married with 4 children, ages from 6 to 17 years old. All of his children are still in school. Mr. XXX had been retrenched and is having difficulty finding another job. Wife is the main breadwinner, earning $820 per month as a cleaner. Family has several arrears with HDB and utility bills and is struggling to survive on wife’s only source of income.

Family was previously relying on Mr. XXX’s savings to meet their daily needs, but his savings has since depleted. During a recent home visit, I noted that children’s room has no mattress, and they have to make do with a thin comforter to sleep on.

Mr. XXX shared that he had recently thrown out the old mattresses as there were many bed bugs on them. Family is currently receiving assistance from Singapore Children Society Family Service Centre (Yishun) to ensure that children’s schooling needs are met. The mattress would go a long way to ensure that the children have a proper bed to sleep on. ”

Once again, I urge anyone who encounters such families to apply for the Free Mattress Program on their behalf. The application form can be found in http://www.beds.sg/fmp.asp