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Singapore Beds Starlet Bedframe

The Starlet Queen Size Bed Frame is the perfect bed to have in the bedroom. The contemporary low platform style divan base with a synthetic leather-covered, high-density foam cushioned headboard stands out with its simplistic elegance, while the solid wood base provides enhanced support and comfort irrespective of the type of mattress selected to be placed on top. The divan has been uniquely designed into two pieces with six, two-inch stoppers providing firm support.

The queen size looks perfect in the master bedroom or the guest room. It fits into larger bedrooms just as well, leaving ample space for all the other furniture and accessories one would dream of seeing in the bedroom. Highly practical, since synthetic leather requires the least amount of maintenance, it looks like an exquisitely crafted divan. Its simple threading design on the headboard and sides breaks the monotony of the plain expanse, making it look graceful in both brown and black. The two colors complement the rest of the bedroom décor, be it in natural white or a contrasting white.

The height of the headboard at 97 cm is just right to rest your back, should you wish to sit back for a late night television program, and the 18.5 cm height of the base does not mean sitting with a thud, and is just right to swing your legs off the floor.

The Starlet Queen Size Bed Frame comes at an unbelievable price of S$ 277. You will be thrilled to get such a sturdy bed frame which would have cost at least S$ 500, if not more, anywhere else in Singapore. The deal becomes all the more attractive since it is delivered and installed free of charge.


  1. Wow, the price is quite cheap, considering that the price includes delivery and installation. But it’s a pity that it doesn’t come in king size.

  2. We pre-ordered the Queen size bedframe in bulk, that’s why we managed to price it so low. Actually the King size is available under special request but the price is more than double and will take 3 weeks for delivery.

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