The Problem of Buying Mattress And Why You Should Buy From

Sorry if the title of this post sounds a little self-promoting and cheesy, but the point I want to make have to be taken seriously if you want to avoid sleeping on a unsuitable mattress for years to come or spending money again on a second mattress shortly after your first purchase.

The Problem with Mattress Showrooms

Matttress showrooms are design and built to showcase the mattresses in the best posible light. The powerfully airconditioned and soft lighting atmosphere makes the mattresses displayed unexecptionally comfy when you first see and lay on it.

Whether or not the mattress will be suitable for you in the long run, sometimes cannot be determined within the 10 minutes you spend lying on it. It takes a few nights of actual sleeping to actually determine if the mattress is suitable for you.

For most mattress shops, you are not allowed to exchange the mattress once delivered. Most people don’t bother to ask about the exchange policy because it seems that nothing would go wrong if they have tried and tested the mattress in the showrooms.

Some mattress shops don’t even allow exchange even before the mattress are delivered. And, since a deposit is usually made when purchasing, that puts the consumer in a very disadvantageous position.

How is it Different at

First, we do not collect a deposit, we only collect payment when the mattress is delivered to your residence. All we ask for is that you inform us 48 hours before delivery, should you need to exchange the mattress.

Second, we allow exchange of mattress after delivery should you feel that the mattress is uncomfortable after a few nights of sleep. As long as the original plastic cover is intact and within 7 days of delivery, we will exchange the mattress for you. (a $50 transportation charge will apply).

With such a policy, you can shop risk free and avoid the unneccassary trouble of sleeping on a unsuitable mattress.