Leather Divan, Bedframe Product Feature

Opulent or elaborately carved beds are passé, simple straight lined beds are in. The simple Divan style Bed Frame fits into the latter category, which with its understated elegance fits into any décor anywhere and yet looks good. It is a solid bed frame that provides a firm base for any type of mattress, and has more than adequate support provided by the six rubber based legs that prevent scratches on wooden floors and becomes easy to move. It is durable beyond question and has synthetic leather covered sides in shades of beige, brown, black, dark blue and red.

Customers can select colors to match or contrast with the rest of the décor in the room. The divan is ideal for every room, for reclining in the living room without seeming like a bed, in the master bedroom against a painted or designed wall, in the children’s room to give them space to move about freely, and in the guest room to look simple but elegant. It is a real space saver and leaves tremendous scope for additions to the décor.

The Divan Bed frame can merge with all styles of furniture and all types of décor. When placed in an ornate bedroom, it helps create a balance with its simplicity, and when added to a contemporary design room, it fits in beautifully and seems tailor made for the décor.

Depending on the size of the room and individual preferences, there are different sizes available. While all beds are 190cm in length, the king size bed is 183 cm wide, suiting those needing very wide beds. The more popular queen size is 152 cm and ideal for slightly smaller rooms since it has adequate space for two adults to sleep. AT the reasonable price of S$ 197, it is a bargain. The super single bed is 107 cm wide and makes sense in a room needing a single bed, and the single beds that are 91 cm wide are meant for single bed arrangements but with two of them in the room.

Singapore’s largest online store www.beds.sg, offers these beds at the most reasonable rates. Their business model is based on providing excellent quality at the lowest possible prices and additional benefits like free delivery and installation. Such a bargain would be difficult to find anywhere else.