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Wasaly Classic Mattress

Wasaly Classic Mattress

When the back aches and getting up from the bed becomes an ordeal, it is time to think of buying the Wasaly Classic mattress. Known for its superb quality and rated by customers as the most comfortable and supporting mattress ever owned by them, the Wasaly mattress has a distinctively designed spring support system that also adds to the durability of the mattress. It is specially beneficial for those with back related problems, and even a short duration of use helps such people recover from backache and discomfort and get a good night’s sleep, waking up refreshed rather than sore very morning.

The Wasaly Classic has high tensile coil springs that help to enhance stability while spreading the body weight evenly across the length of the mattress. The use of Bonnell springs with damask ticking, a high-density foam sheet on top and a 100% cotton cover for extra cushioning, all combine to make the Wasaly Classic a mattress par excellence. The foam padding gives the soft surface needed for comfort on a firm base, and the top is anti-dust mite non-woven fabric. A unique feature of the mattress is the use of natural coconut fiber with coil springs that provides firm support to the back. Natural coconut fiber or coil as it often called is known to help in reducing backaches. The bedding border is thicker and is wire clipped for firm support. It scores two on the mattress firmness scale, implying that it provides the firm support as recommended by Orthopedic Specialists. Its strict adherence to international quality standards makes it flawless and therefore manufacturers offer a twelve-year warranty on the product.

The Wasaly Classic is available in four sizes, each 8-inches thick and 190 cm long. The largest available size is the King size which 183 cm wide and is priced at S$397. The 152 cm wide Queen size mattress is priced at S$257. This size is the largest selling due to its ability to fit in well into smaller bedrooms as well, and if it is placed in large bedrooms it leaves ample space for other furniture and accessories. The 107 cm wide Super Single is priced at S$197 and the 91 cm wide Single mattress is available for S$177.

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