How To Make Your Bedroom Cooler Without The Use Of Aircon

It seems that the heat in Singapore is ever getting hotter, and electricity bills are shooting record high due to our unrelenting use of the Air-Con.

Here are some tips that would help keep our rooms cooler and electricity bills lower.

Use curtains in lighter hues like neutral colors, white, beige, subtle brown, subtle pastel colors etc. These light colored curtains will reflect the light out falling on them from outside. This will keep your room naturally cool without having to turn on your ACs or coolers. On the other hand, dark colored curtains have larger tendencies to absorb and allow the heat to enter in the room making it hot throughout the day. In case, you are hell bent on buying a dark colored curtain as it matches the color of your furniture, then, stick foil paper on the side of the curtain which is exposed to sun so as to reflect maximum rays possible.

Usage of ceiling fans instead of an aircon or cooler in every room will fetch you a 40 % fall in the total electric energy consumed apart from keeping you cool. A ceiling fan in a room hung with light curtains is enough to keep your walls and the environment considerably cool. However, for the best effects of the ceiling fan, install them at the center of the room and make sure it rotates in the right direction.

Plant some plants near the periphery of your bedroom, so that they absorb hot and dusty waves and leave you with cool fresh environment. In fact, many advise to plant small plantations on the balcony of your bedroom to keep it cool and livid.

Turn off your electric appliances such as laptops, computers, music systems, television set and if possible mobile phones as well. As these appliances are electric based, they emit hot electro magnetic waves that keep the room as well as the flooring hot. Remember to turn them off at least an hour before you hit the bed to sleep. Doing so will bring the room back to its normal temperature which is tolerable enough to catch up a good sleep.

Apart from the above ways, one of the most basic ways to keep your self cool is by taking a pleasant shower before you hit the bed. Not only would you feel relaxed but also feel cool and comfortable.

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