Maxcoil Hotel Mattress, Product Feature

maxcoilhotelWhen you miss the hotel bed, the best solution is to bring your hotel mattress home. Strange though it may sound, but you can actually buy a hotel mattress like the Maxcoil Hotel Mattress that will transform your sleeping comfort at home and make your bed at home as blissful to sleep in as the hotels you are accustomed to sleeping in.

The Maxcoil Hotel Mattress is the ideal comfort mattress falling in between a firm and soft one. Used widely in hotels to cater to a diverse clientele, it does provide perfect comfort and is fit to be used at home. Scoring three on the mattress firmness scale it is actually right in the middle of the two extremes. It has been manufactured to meet international hotel standards with complete quality checks and finely finished product. Using the age old but top of the line Bonnell spring system that gives a firm support to the resting back, it is also a long lasting mattress unlikely to get spoilt for many years. It has the distinction of being rated as an Orthopedic Spring Hotel International Edition Sleep System. It adheres to the British standard in using fire retardant fabric, with an in-built anti-microbial protection, anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities and sanitized by Switzerland’s Clariant. Its construction is superior with high-density foam padding to provide a soft cushioning over the firm Bonnell springs and an extra edge guard to protect them. The quality is flawless and therefore comes with a twelve-year warranty.

Customers who had purchased the Maxcoil Hotel mattress had posted excellent feedback, all finding it an excellent acquisition. It scores the top grading in quality, comfort and value for money and those with back problems are relieved to get so much comfort to see their aches and pains disappear. The ultimate compliment for a bed is when people like it so much that they refuse to get out of it-this is true for Maxcoil.