Synthetic Leather Divan – Bed Frame Product Feature

When the bedroom has an elaborate décor with ornate furniture, a simple bed frame fits in beautifully to create a balance in the room. This simple, graceful, straight lined divan blends into all types of rooms and spaces, unobtrusively providing comfort and a solid base to rest your mattress on. With no frills like headboards and footboards, it is durable and can take heavy weights without creaking or squeaking.

In the master bedroom the bed frame can be placed against the backdrop of a beautifully wallpapered partition without detracting from its beauty. In the children’s room it leaves ample spare space for children to move about freely, while in the guest room its understated elegance can be highlighted with lots of bright cushions and bolsters. That it is plain, makes it the ideal piece of furniture to be done up with accessories that can transform the appearance of the room.

The Divan Bed Frame comes with synthetic leather wrapped sides, which look pretty without covers in shades like beige, brown, dark blue, black and red. Besides the freedom to select one of these shades to go with the rest of the décor the customer can also choose the size appropriate for his room.

While all the sizes have a standard length of 190cm, a varying width can be opted for. The king size 183 cm wide bed is good for large rooms and people needing more space to stretch. The queen-sized bed is 152 cm wide and is the most popular since it is a big space saver. Priced at S$ 197 it is a real money saver as well. The super single and single with widths of 107 cm and 91 cm are meant for rooms with single bed arrangements or if children need separate beds.

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