The Ultimate Mattress and Beds Glossary

We have been using mattresses of different types all your life, and seldom felt the need to know the meanings of terms used to describe mattresses and their properties. Mattress jargon and terms used to explain beds and their qualities, in advertisements and promotions, is baffling and it is incorrect to get taken in by the use of complex terms without knowing what they mean.

Did you know that “ticking” is the fabric that covers a mattress, or that ‘Talalay’ is a process of making a latex mattress and its done by whipping in air till it takes the form of wet foam?

These and hundreds of other mattress and bed terms have been defined in our Complete Glossary of Bed and Mattress Terms and phrases. Knowledge and understanding of these terms is now just a click away. The next time you see an advertisement or a promotion mentioning high sounding words that appeal but you do not know what they mean, look into the glossary first since it contains more terms than all the other glossaries put together.

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