The Ultimate Guide For Renting a Place In Singapore Part 9 of 9

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Part 1 of 9, Singapore, The Place

Part 2 of 9, Public Housing Of Singapore, HDB

Part 3 of 9, The Selection Process and Residential Localities

Part 4 of 9, The HDB Township

Part 5 of 9, Localities Preferred by Expatriates

Part 6 of 9, The Districts of Singapore

Part 7 of 9, Rental Levels and Prerequisites For Rental

Part 8 of 9, Procedures For Renting Accomodation

Part 9 of 9, The Process of Engaging a Realtor

The Process of Engaging a Realtor

There are thousands of real estate agents and brokers and it has emerged as a very lucrative business over the years. But a newcomer to the city of Singapore, or even a local, unfamiliar with the business of renting or purchasing property may find it difficult to get started.

While word of mouth, recommendations by friends and colleagues is often the best way to get a good realtor, many websites also offer sincere advice and genuine services to locals and expatriates alike. Some of the top sites include:

Singapore is rated as one o the world’s best cities to live in for the quality of life it offers and the most suitable environment to bring up children. The residents, both locals and expatriates play a large role in making the city what it is. Should you decide to move to Singapore, or as a local rent property to stay, you will find most owners open to suggestions, negotiations and concessions. A few negotiating tips that could be used to your benefit include:

Establish a rapport with the owner with sincerity and convince him that his flat would be kept the way it is. Owners hate to have their property damaged or left in disrepair.

Present convincing arguments to reduce the rent by 10-20 per cent. Few owners would be adamant about the amount quoted. He will agree only if likes you.

Negotiation must be done after you have liked the place and the owner is agreeable to rent the house to you.
Agree to small requests of the owner and this will “soften” him up to agree to big changes and concessions. Mutual give and take always appeals.

Invite the owner and a display of warm hospitality goes a long way in cementing a long-term relationship.