The Art of Living Beautifully

Is the business of living an art? The answer to this question is an undisputed yes, because people are gradually understanding the significance of living life well. Living live beautifully then is also an art, but one can that can be acquired. Just like a canvas being an expression of the artist’s talent, similarly living beautifully is an expression of the individual’s innate ability to use everything he has, his assets and qualities, to live life to the fullest. Day-to-day living can be happy, peaceful, stress free and beautiful if we are able to channelize our energies towards making it that way.

What aspects of our lives contribute to living beautifully? The following are some of the most important ones:

A Good Home

All our energies are spent on finding the best way of survival, using our knowledge and expertise to earn money so that we can make a good home to share for our families, provide the right ambience for our children to grow up in. For a home to be good, it should have some or all of the following components:

Well designed interiors that are not necessarily the most modern or expensive, but such that exude warmth and seem welcoming

Comfort is an important component of a good home. Again, it need not have very expensive furniture and accessories to provide comfort.

Brightness adds charm to the home, and brings a spirit of joy and happiness. A dark home looks dull and uninteresting, even depressing.

Clutter-free homes ensure the movement of positive energy within the home. Hence all clutter must be removed and extras thrown or given away.

If there is place for everything, there will be no mess in the home and everything will appear to be in order. This has a soothing influence on the residents of the home.

All the accessories that complete a home need not be trendy or costly but must appear tasteful, reflecting the good taste of the home owners.

Peace and Tranquility

Life and day to day living needs to be peaceful, and not rushed, anxious and full of tension. All the elements that create tension like fights, arguments, anger for small insignificant things, and display of displeasure, must be changed and a sincere effort must be made to have a peaceful atmosphere inside the home. Peace promotes good health, helps create deeper bonds of affection and enhances an individual’s ability to work.

Tranquility is defined as a state of calm experienced more easily in places free from disturbances typically found in man-made areas. Research by psychologists reveals that tranquility helps people to relax and unwind, and helps them to recharge their energies.

Maintaining a Balance

Life is like walking a tightrope that requires a balance between work and rest. Nothing should be taken to extreme limits, but instead a sense of moderation must be visible. Work and rest must be conducted in appropriate measures, and this balance is a crucial element of the art of living beautifully.

Exposure to Nature

While modern city living in a concrete jungle leaves very little of nature’s beauty within its limits, a conscious effort is being made by urban planners to have some places developed for people to be one with nature, enjoy fresh air, absorb the beauty of gifts of nature, and inhale the natural fragrances that provide better therapeutic healing than the best of aroma therapists. Nature wields an immense influences on our lives but only if we allow it to. Hence some amount of exposure to nature, be it in a garden, on the beach, in a resort or a park, will do a world of good, and make life more beautiful.

Soothing Influences

Music is considered to be food for the soul. It has the unique ability to soothe the mentally exhausted individuals and help them feel refreshed. This is because music has a great soothing influence on the nerves. Certain types of soft music, in contrast to a loud blare, aids relaxation and even works better than a tranquilizer to help you sleep, and also removes stress.

Slow Down

A statement often quoted to push people to perform, especially during the student years is-Life is a race, and the winner is always the one who runs the fastest. And so the running begins, and becomes a way of life. This takes a toll on health, happiness and family life. To get back all that has been lost in this race, the best thing to do is slow down, so that there is time to enjoy what you have rather collecting and hoarding more, with no time to enjoy them.

Appreciate Simple Pleasures

Again, in the race to the top, people forget to enjoy simple things, like their children’s art competition, or their first drama performance, running on the beach, or playing hide and seek. The joy on your child’s face will bring unparalleled pleasure, which no ambitious achievement can match. A conscious effort needs to be made to pursue such simple pleasures.

The list of perfecting the art of living beautifully can be endless, but an effort must be made to absorb a few tips at a time.

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Anu Seth is a writer, editor and journalist with over 15 years of experience, writing on a diverse range of topics. She writes with sincerity and has had interesting experiences living in different parts of the world. As a mother of two, she prides herself on keeping a good home. Singapore remains her favorite country.