A Comparison Between Memory Foam and Spring Mattress

The pursuit for good sleep that relaxes and refreshes the mind and body, leads to the hunt for the ideal mattress since that is the equipment for sleep. The perfect mattress should be able to ensure a full night of deep slumber from which one would wake up rejuvenated and invigorated.

But this type of sleep is elusive, and this triggers the debate about the best mattress. The more widely used varieties of mattresses include memory foam and inner spring with the former being soft and gentle, and the latter firm and harder.

While it is a matter of individual choice and preference, memory foam mattresses are considered to be more comfortable, durable, bacteria resistant, better for people with joint pains and also low on maintenance. Inner spring mattresses are meant for those needing firmer support though the supporters of these mattresses feel that a combination of the top quality memory foam and inner springs would make the perfect mattress.

For a direct comparison between these 2 types of mattress, read Memory Foam Mattress VS Spring Mattress

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