Extremely Heavy Delivery Schedule For 30th Jan 2010

We are experiencing an overload of deliveries for tomorrow, 30/01/10. The deliveries are exceeding 56 locations, with more than 150 items to be fulfilled in 1 single day!

We have already pushed back / post-poned a portion of the deliveries, and we are still left with more than 56 locations to fulfill. (originally we had more than 70). We had been frantically sourcing for additional resources to help with the delivery the past few days for tomorrow’s delivery, and we managed to get 2 more lorries and 5 more helpers. So in total, we will have 4 lorries and 10 people to complete the deliveries tomorrow.

But, given the sheer volume of items to be delivered (more than 150 items), just 1 error in any of the 56 deliveries will potentially mess up the entire delivery schedule.

It’s the first time we are having so many deliveries one day since we started out in 2006, all of us are very excited, but also worried about unforeseen hiccups that may delay everyone’s schedule tomorrow.

So….. we would like to seek your understanding and patience, in advance, should there be any unforeseen circumstances that might cause your delivery tomorrow to be late.

Be assured that we are all doing best to make sure the goods are delivered on time, we will monitor the delivery situation closely. Our delivery hotline (96575729) might be jammed too, so if you are calling to enquire about the delivery, you may also call this additional number 6789 9927.

At the same time we want to let all of our customers know that we appreciate the support over the years. The repeat customers, we know who you are, and we really appreciate it. For those who are first time buyers, we thank you for giving us a chance. We will do all we can and at our best to make sure your purchase is a pleasant one.

God bless everyone! 🙂


  1. The delivery drivers will be calling the customers 30mins – 1 hr prior to the delivery. I am also seeking cooperation of customers. Please do answer the phone calls. As the drivers will only deliver after they confirmed someone is at home.
    If no one answers the phone call, they will need to skip to another delivery as they really cannot afford to have any hiccup, in order to fulfill all deliveries smoothly. We really seek your understanding in this area. Thank you very much in advance!! Cheers! 🙂

  2. Iron Hide completed first batch of delivery! They are now loading the second batch which consists of 8 orders. The progress looks great at this point of time!

  3. Weather forecast says there will be shower with thunder at the north & west side of Singapore in the afternoon! NoOOoooo……… 🙁

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