Tips and Guidelines – Shopping For The Home

Do you often find yourself throwing foodstuff gone bad into the dust bin, and giving away unused things like cosmetics and clothes, to make place for more that enters the home with you?

Think rationally about what this implies -that you are spending dollars in tens and hundreds just because you see things and simply buy them and not because they form part of your list or have any immediate need for.

Every month hundreds of dollars must be going waste, the refrigerator and all your cupboards will be bursting at the seams and soon your bags full of shopped goods will be spilling on the living room floor. It is time this came to a stop and good sense prevails about how you must shop to run a home and have everything you may need.

The steps listed below will still keep you well dressed and well turned out, you will still have great food to eat, your home will look de-cluttered and better than ever before, and the only new feature in your life will be that nothing will be wasted and thrown into the dustbin and you will find yourself referring to a shopping list and somehow gathering the courage to walk away from all tempting offers in departmental stores and supermarkets.

Why and How we waste

The home is like a bottomless pit that can never get filled. Or so we think, since every well can fill and overflow one day. So it is with the home, and if we are not careful it will overflow so much that living in that home will become difficult. The human tendency to splurge and waste is now a fad and the byproduct of modern economies of abundance. The wave of consumerism puts too many tempting things in front of everyone and most are difficult to resist. But we need to limit our needs, our habit to grab and desire to possess all that the neighbor has. A few ways in which we waste:

-Buy more than we need or use

-Take up every offer of discount

-Get tempted by new launches

-Look for easier options like ready-to-eat meal trays

-Buy while walking down every aisle of the supermarket

-Compulsive shopping

-Using shopping to get over anger and other negative emotions

-Dine out everyday but continuously load the refrigerator

-Buying imported stuff when fresher and better local produce is available

-Buying without checking expiry dates

None of this seems like an unmanageable situation. If shopping is a habit, it can be changed and a bit of effort can change even the biggest shopoholics into sensible shoppers. A few simple ways in which this can be accomplished include:

-Check out your weekly or monthly consumption of things

-Make a list of what is finishing or what you need

-Keep a rough limit beyond which you will not spend

-Keep the storage capacity of the home in mind

-Resist buying discounted products if you never use them in the first place

-Do not get tempted by special offers, but look for bargains only on products you use

-Use cash to make purchases since this helps to set a limit instead of overspending with a credit card

-Buy seasonal and local foodstuff rather than expensive stuff imported from other countries

-Buy fresh instead of frozen

-If you habitually eat out, limit your shopping to a few canned products for an odd meal home and essentials like milk and juices. It is crazy to keep a well stocked refrigerator and still keep going out for meals

-Avoid throwing foodstuff into the dustbin, instead make a meal even out of leftovers

-Keep track of expiry dates on foodstuff on the shelf and use it before the last date

-Plan a weekly menu and buy all that you need. Stick to the menu and buy accordingly, no more, no less
-Avoid the convenience store next store, since they have higher prices

-Use discount coupons available but only to buy what you need and not just anything. The idea is not just to use the coupon, but to use it for your needs

-Buy books and magazines to read and not to decorate the house

-Think of a new dress if it is required for an occasion or you need a few new sets, but not because it is a good deal and can be used later

-Never buy too much of make up or cosmetics in one go because they have a limited life after which they can damage the skin, and you may need to throw them

All these do not mean do without all that you are habituated to, but just that no extras are added that may end of getting thrown.

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Anu Seth is a writer, editor and journalist with over 15 years of experience, writing on a diverse range of topics. She writes with sincerity and has had interesting experiences living in different parts of the world. As a mother of two, she prides herself on keeping a good home. Singapore remains her favorite country.