Quick Ways To Maintain Wooden Furniture

Has your furniture lost its beauty in a short period of time? Does it look dull and old, and dusty event though there is no dust?

Maintaining furniture is neither difficult nor time consuming. It just requires the right kind of care regularly. You need to know a few do’s and don’ts and you will soon know the needs of your wooden furniture.

Do’s For Wooden Furniture

-Get to know the type of wood used for your furniture
-Wipe all pieces with a dry cloth at least on alternate days
-Wipe off all spills and stains immediately
-Protect from direct sunlight and exposure to heat
-Use it with respect, without pulling, pushing, dragging and kicking
-Get it polished annually to maintain its luster
-Protect with coasters while placing things on wood
-Avoid extreme temperatures for wooden furniture
-Rotate your furniture pieces to prevent wear and tear at the same spots


-Never wipe wooden furniture with a wet cloth
-Never allow any liquid spill to stay on wood for long
-Do not allow children to jump on furniture
-Do not place heavy furniture directly on the floor-cushion it with felt bumpers
-Do not allow any sharp objects anywhere near wood-this will prevent scratches
-Do not use any strong cleaning chemicals without first checking in an inconspicuous corner to ensure
-that it does not spoil the polish

Maintaining Wooden Furniture

Besides these, furniture needs cleaning when edges seem darkened, dust seems to have settled in corners and a coating of dirt makes it look drab and old. Wax, oil, marks and general dirt deposits can be removed with paint thinners, mineral spirit or even naphtha. To accomplish the best results, the following step need to be followed:

It is preferable to first test a corner before applying the solvent to the entire surface. If the surface becomes clean and does not lose its polish, color or luster, then it is safe for use.

Dab a thin cotton cloth in the solvent and gradually work on small areas. Make sure no dust grains are stuck in the cloth since they will scratch the surface of wood.

Solid wood furniture like teak, mahogany and rosewood, can be cleaned with a paint thinner, and then polished again with special furniture oil that brings back the sheen and leaves the furniture piece looking clean and new.

Any scratches visible on the wooden surface can be tactfully concealed by using a padding lacquer. Lacquer needs to be applied using a soft cloth rolled into a ball with a smooth top layer. Apply lacquer on the top and gently apply the ball shaped pad along the grain of wood, in a single motion, without rubbing it back and forth.

Applying a thin layer of hard paste wax on pieces also helps in their maintenance and prevents them from getting spoilt. Wax acts like a protective film on wood, and makes liquids and food droppings slip off without spoiling the wood beneath.

These simple tips are easy to carry out and yield the desired results of giving your furniture a fresh look. If over the years, it still looks dull and drab, perhaps it is time to get it professionally polished.

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