Do You Make These 7 Mistakes While Buying Furniture?

Singapore Furniture Sales

Singapore Furniture Sales

Even the best of us make mistakes while buying furniture and these mistakes are made by hundreds of customers, not just once, but over and over again. Such mistakes mean that we end up with something that could have been better and we may not want to keep it, but cannot throw it either.

Some of the easily avoidable mistakes made while buying furniture are:

1.Buying on impulse- It is not unusual to visit a showroom and fall in love with that gorgeous table and buying it within minutes, just because you are convinced that you must have it. This may prove to be a rash, impulsive decision since it has been made without careful consideration of a few facts like, can you afford it, do you have a place to keep it, does the color of upholstery match with what you have already, and so on. Once it has been paid for, the decision is almost irreversible.

It is always better to wait and think about it, preferably return home and give careful thought to it for a day and then buying it.

2.Buying without measuring-When one sets out to buy a specific piece of furniture like a sofa set or a bed or a set of tables, it is important to know the measurement of the space where it is likely to be placed. Going without these measurements may result in an acquisition that is too large or too small, and may lose its beauty simply because it does not fit in perfectly.

Moreover, what looks perfect in the furniture outlet may seem too big in the home because it might be disproportionately larger than the rest of the furniture.

3. Not giving enough consideration to the shades/colour- While some people can visualize how the color of a new sofa purchased would match with the rest of the decor, others need to see it placed before being able to judge whether it matches. Often what seems almost the same shade as the things at home, turns out to be quite different, and does not look as beautiful as it did in the store.

4. Too much advice/opinion from friends/family- In our desire to make the right choice of an expensive piece of furniture, we tend to seek advice from too many people. What we get is conflicting opinions and diverse viewpoints, and often, none of them may fit in with our requirements. Trying to take people along to the store makes things worse since this may push you to buy something you are not so impressed with.

5.Buying without thinking who will be using the furniture piece-The usage and the user of the piece of furniture is important in selecting colors and styles. Something that is meant to be used extensively by children can neither have sharp edges nor be light in color. For instance, dining chairs upholstered in light shades will look dirty in no time if children are going to be using them as well.

6. Going for Installment- Many customers are enticed by advertisements that say ‘buy now, pay later’ or easy installments offered for dining sets or other large items. The catch lies in the interest rates charged at later dates and the penalties for delayed payments. So while the offer of walking off with a dining set without payment is extremely tempting, the eventual bill will be more than the cash down price of the set. You will end up paying at least 50% more.

7.Following fads and latest fashions- While some furniture styles have a timeless appeal, there are other designs that come up as a fad, and are too trendy. Such fads do not last long and such furniture pieces purchased lose their attractiveness in a very short period of time.

Each of these mistakes is avoidable, and if kept in mind before buying a piece of furniture. Happy Furniture shopping!

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