7 Ways To Brighten A Room

Have you recently bought or rented an apartment that looks dark even during daytime? Do you need to keep the lights switched on all day in your home and still feel its dark rather than bright and sunny? This often happens due to the layout of the apartment, the direction it faces, and lack of sufficient windows.

A dark apartment can easily be brightened up with a few innovative ideas that will not prove to be very costly or require too much of time and effort.

A Few Simple Changes:

Clear the windows-

Apartments generally have less space and you are often left with no choice but to place a cabinet or a bookcase that covers part of your window. This blocks sunlight and makes the room look both darker and smaller. A bookcase can be made smaller with a carpenter’s help, so that it remains below the base of the window. Or it can be moved elsewhere in the passage or hallway and placed against a wall so that it does not block the light.

Change the color of your walls-

Dark walls are a big no-no for an apartment that has limited sunlight pouring in. When access to natural daylight is less, it is ideal to have light colored walls. White or its various shades like ivory, broken white, pearl white, all look beautiful If white is too stark for your tastes, choose a very pale blue, a light pink or a very light yellow. Light colored walls enhance the luminosity of the apartment.

Replace dark heavy window drapes/curtains

with thin material ones in light colors- Curtains can make a summer home look like a winter place when drawn to conceal the view. Apartments have limited space and dark curtains make the place look smaller and this is further aggravated with thicker materials. Replace these with thin sheers or select a light floral print in thin fabric and see the difference. If pushed away from the windows, they will allow more natural light to enter. Even when light curtains a re drawn, they brighten the wall.

Improve the lighting of the apartment-

When access to natural sunlight is less, it is preferable to supplement the artificial lighting of the apartment. A single ceiling light may not suffice and the addition of floor lamps to halls and rooms helps to make the whole place look brighter. Lamps help to get rid of the dark cave appearance of an apartment. Bulbs of higher wattage enhance the lighting effect.

Conceal darker floors or carpets-

Since no one wishes to spend too much, it is always possible to find easier solutions to dark floors. For instance, dark wall-to-wall carpeting can be brightened by placing light colored rugs or carpets. Dark flooring can be concealed with light carpeting. This will not only make the room look brighter but also give the semblance of space to the house.

Use mirrors wherever possible-

Mirrors have a considerable lighting effect. This is even more true if bright light lamps are placed in a manner that the lighting gets reflected in the mirrors. This doubles the lighting effect and makes the whole apartment light up. They also serve the purpose of covering dark walls.

Scale and proportion-

If the décor of the apartment is in accordance with the basic rules of interior design, the desired brightening effect becomes evident. Large disproportionate pieces of furniture make the room look heavy, full and lacking in overall visual appeal.

Tip-You can leave one small corner with dim lights, for a special evening when you may opt for a quiet candle-lit dinner.

Being able to incorporate even a few of these will have a conspicuous effect in making the apartment brighter, and help you to get rid of the darkness that greets you when you enter.

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