Sleep Like a Feng Shui Master



Everyone of us spends a third of his life sleeping and it’s no wonder that the ancient Chinese aesthetic system of Feng Shui has plenty to say when it comes to the bedroom.

According to the laws and philosophy of Feng Shui, conflicting elements and negative forces often create discord,  disharmony and disturb the peace at home. They also lead to problems at work and  affect finances. A bedroom must have all the features that promote peace and harmony in the home.

We checked out what goes down in a Feng Shui Master’s bedroom and this is what we found.

A bedroom should have:

1) A commanding bed position- If there is one thing you must know, it’s that the bed must be placed in a commanding position that’s not directly facing the door, not directly under the window, approachable from both sides and not having a mirror reflecting it.

The king’s position of a bed is from where the door can be seen while lying on it. However, when sleeping, the feet must not be pointing towards the door, as that’s likened to a coffin position, which is of course, very unlucky.

2) Strong Backing For Bed- This can be in the form of a headboard which can be placed against the wall. The headboard gives you a commanding position, promotes stability,  security and protection and provides strength to face life head-on. Do not place the headboard against a wall shared with a bathroom.

3) Adequate lighting with adjustable intensity- Lights with dimmer switches are important since light is considered to be a provider of energy. Non-toxic candles are a good addition to the bedroom.

feng-shui4) Soothing colours- These will help to create a soothing and soft ambience to divert any harsh elements and create a balance that promotes a positive flow of energy, and helps in bringing good sleep. According to Feng Shui teachings, the best shades for the bedroom are skin tones that range from white to dark brown.

5) Pictures of positive images- Such pictures reflect events or things that you wish to see in your own life. Life will imitate art in the bedroom.

6) A location far from the main entrance to the house – This brings security. Since ancient times, our prehistoric ancestors also avoided sleeping near the mouth of the caves for fear of intruders.

7) Closed Bathroom doors- If there’s an attached bathroom, keep its doors closed as far as possible to ensure that the positive energy that preserves good health stays in the bedroom and doesn’t get flushed down the toilet.?

8 ) Romantic artwork, silk flowers and other artefacts- Objects connected to softer emotions and love must find place in the bedroom. Pink is considered the best color for love, and soft music helps create the perfect romantic ambience for couples.

9) A round mirror – This signifies completion and unity, and helps to keep the family united and close together.

10) A ‘strong’ southwestern portion- Strengthen the southwestern corner of the bedroom with earth decoration pieces made from terracotta, clay or rock. This area governs married life and happiness.


Things to Avoid in the Bedroom

1) Entrance Blockages – The entrance to the bedrooms should remain unobstructed for new opportunities to come into your life.

2) Water images – Water’s presence is believed to lead to the “cooling” of a marriage relationship. Since water depicts more emotion, it can create emotional problems for children as well. Water can also lead to allergies and diseases like asthma and sinus problems.

computer bed3) Electric gadgets- Televisions, electronic clocks and other electromagnetic fields have no place in the bedroom. They hamper the pattern of sleep with the electromagnetic frequencies released even when they are switched off.

4) Uncovered mirrors when sleeping – Cover mirrors before bedtime, especially if they face the bed, since mirrors have a negative impact on relationships.

5) A direct line from bed to door or window- Such a position will come in the way of the flow of positive chi or energy.

6) Items Over The Bed- There mustn’t be any beams, chimes or chandeliers above the bed. Beams are load bearing and will ‘weigh down’ a person during his sleep. They specifically exert pressure on the chest, head and body.

7) Furniture with sharp corners- These are hazardous when bumped into. Sharp edges and corners are likened to bullets and poison arrows that bring in negative energy.

8 ) Junk- Avoid clutter in the bedroom. Clutter creates a lot of negative energy by blocking the flow of chi. This prevents progress, leads to stagnation and disturbs sleep.

9) Keeping anything under the bed- Anything placed under the bed disturbs sleep, and restricts the ability of the body to get recharged with sleep.

10) Bookshelves- Protruding shelves block positive energy and obstruct its flow. Their height makes energy flow upwards. The same is true for tall chest of drawers.


After following these simple rules, complete the bedroom with positive elements, and try observing the room from the doorway and notice how soothing, cosy and  inviting the room is.?

Then it’s time to don your Changshan nightgown and hop into bed for a good night’s sleep.

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Anu Seth is a writer, editor and journalist with over 15 years of experience, writing on a diverse range of topics. She writes with sincerity and has had interesting experiences living in different parts of the world. As a mother of two, she prides herself on keeping a good home. Singapore remains her favorite country.