10 Tips for buying furniture Online

onlineshopping3Buying things online has become very popular and is rapidly becoming a part of our daily life. For some, online shopping has become a habit and a routine. Every other day, I will check my favourite online fashion store for new arrivals and subscribing to their mailing list, so I won’t miss out on the great deals!

Buying online saves time, is convenient and easy. You can search for anything under the sun with just one click. Buying online also mean saving money. Online stores operate without a shop, this way, goods are sold at lower prices.

Buying online is very transparent, as you can easily make a search to check on the reputation on the online shop. Comparing prices are also made easy. You wouldn’t want to travel from Jurong to Sengkang just to compare the price for a product.

Few years ago, many of us shun the idea of buying online. Main concern was privacy and security. Now, these are not an issue anymore. Even banking, being very sensitive are able to be done online now. How nice!

However, there are still a few points to note before making your purchase online, especially buying household items and furniture.

1)      Get the measurements right. Make sure that you already have an idea of what furniture you want to be placed in which location. That will make your online shopping much easier. Measure the space that you have, and based on the measurements, you can never go wrong. You won’t want your new wardrobe to sit in the living room instead.

2)      Set your budget. Budget setting is the most important thing to do before buying anything. There are unlimited choices online which will most probably confuse you. Set your budget , this will make buying easier.

3)      Buy from a reputable seller. Just do a Google search on the seller, there should be reviews and feedbacks from people who have bought from them written in some forums.

4)      Read the fine prints. Go through the product description in detail. Read the FAQ and terms and condition. Make sure there are no hidden cost.

5)      Make sure there is a return policy. It is a MUST that the seller offer a return or exchange policy, in case the product sent to you is different or damaged. A refund policy is important if the payment transaction is done before receiving of goods.

6)      Get goods, pay later. A plus point if the seller allow payment on delivery. This way, if the goods are in poor condition, reject right away. This way is also so much secure, no sensitive personal information will be left in the internet server.

7)      Secured website. Make sure the website is a secured site if you are required to make payment with cards online.

8)      Read review. Always choose to buy from a seller that has reviews and ratings for their product. This is the only way to know how good or the bad the product really is.

9)      Talk to someone. There must be a hotline or help line that you can speak to. Ask all your questions and concern before making the final decision. Many new age online stores has 24 hour online chat function. Some online stores that also have a retail store will post their product with attractive prices online. These products are usually not displayed in their shop as the ones displayed are the ones with the highest profit to cover rental. So call to check before making a waste trip.

10)    Keep a copy of all online correspondence. A soft copy of receipt beats the hard copy that will eventually end up in the bin.