Decorating Your Home Interiors On A Budget

1224037_interior_design Is it time to re-do the interiors of your home since everything is looking drab and old, but have limited resources? Or you have just bought a place and need to decorate interiors, with very little money left for it? In both cases, budgetary constraints are the primary issue, but do not despair, some great home decor ideas can take shape and beautify your home without costing too much. Good taste and style can come cheap too.

First Things First

Before setting out on your interior decoration exercise, two things need to be clear. First, is there anything that you have going to be used in home, or do you need to buy everything? Secondly, how much money do you have for buying all that you need.

With these, you can now begin to compile a list of essential things, which will go to complete your home.

This would mean selecting the rooms to be furnished and completed first, and areas that can be left empty for sometime. Inevitably, the master bedroom takes precedence over other rooms because everyone needs to sleep in a bed, though it is possible to survive without a seating arrangement in the living room. So, by far the most important thing to buy first and foremost is a set of beds. While it is fine to buy a second hand bed frame, it is always advisable to buy a new mattress to place on it, for health and hygiene.

Once the beds are in place, the sofa set or chairs, cabinets, dining set, tables and mantle pieces can follow, depending on how long the budgeted funds last.

What budget constraints will imply:

– Fewer choices
– Average quality
– Limits on the amount you can buy
– Prioritizing according to need and use
– Overlooking minor flaws and defects especially if they bring down the price charged for the product
– Looking for replicas of originals, like laminated flooring instead of wooden floors
– Buying cheap, after hunting for discounts and sales
– Using hand-me-downs from parents and grandparents’ homes -things in good condition, which they choose to discard but you could happily use.

However, there is joy in stretching the dollar to maximize what you can get out of the limited funds at your disposal. It also does not mean that you give up on good taste or a classy look, because these necessarily do not come with big price tags. Style can be established in cheaper materials that have painstakingly been well finished, even if it means that you do it yourself to save money.

Getting Started

Once a clear cut budget is in front of you and you find yourself inside the bare space that has to be decorated, you could do the following:

1) Decide on a minimalist look since you cannot afford to fill up your house with too many pieces of furniture.
Use glass wherever possible, to cut the cost of wood.

2) Freshly paint or polish whatever you have picked up or inherited from friends and family

3) Buy cheap curtains but in colors that accentuate the furniture

4) If you cannot afford beds, consider having a floor arrangement. It looks appealing with more pillows and cushions

5) Get open shelves instead of display cabinets to display any decorative pieces

6) Appealing light shades can transform the appearance of the room.

7) If the floor is patchy, conceal it with a rug

8) Clear any areas that may seem crowded, messy or cluttered

9) Keep your eyes open for discounts available, closing down sales, or bargain counters selling home décor items.

10) Use potted plants, and flowers, to fill empty spaces

11) If walls cannot be painted cover the patch areas with an assortment of family pictures

12) If the sofa set you have inherited from an aunt looks old in your new home, use a slip cover to conceal the faded upholstery and get a brand new look.

It is not a bad idea to peep in at garage sales or flea markets-you often find almost new pieces at throw away prices.

Buy only what you really need, and no extras. This is because in the future, you will be able to afford better furniture and pieces. It will be easier to discard a few things than a full house. Last, but not the least, while keeping within your budget limits, do not buy in a hurry. Wait for the right time, for festive season discounts, for rebates to begin before you go running to buy everything on your list. It takes months and years to complete a home even if you have all the money in the world. Going slowly, cautiously and checking all the possible places before buying some thing will bring a different kind of joy and help you to enjoy what you have in your home as well.

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